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Building It Right

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Make sure your quality custom sign is professionally installed for the safety and longevity of the sign and will make the greatest impact!

The service and installation technicians at our sign company have decades of on-the-job experience and are up-to-date with the latest safety and industry standards.

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SignArt coordinates projects with reliable subcontractors throughout the country. We also work with other national sign companies for your permitting, surveying, servicing, and installation needs. Our knowledgeable sales and support staff are here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Call us today to learn more about sign installation!

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Installing Great Custom Signs

We have a great network of nationwide installers, and we can coordinate projects with reliable subcontractors throughout the country. Our in-house installation fleet covers all of Wisconsin and Minnesota. You can rely upon us to get your project completed in a timely and professional manner.

The installation process begins on your date of installation when the SignArt team will arrive at your site. Larger signs will require access to direct parking at the installation location. Mounting signage and electrical into your buildings will be completed by experienced professionals to ensure the highest level of quality.

You will appreciate the experience of our installation team. They will assure that your signs are compliant with local ordinances and are ready to troubleshoot any challenges that may arise. SignArt maintains strict safety protocols throughout the sign installation process.

Sign Project Management

At SignArt, we specialize in project management. From power locates, excavation, footings, landscaping, installation, and coordinating projects, we can handle any sign project, large or small. Our service and installation technicians have decades of on the job experience and are up to date with all of the safety regulations and standards of the industry.

We will guide you through the design phase which combines your input with talented designers who develop mock-ups of what your sign will look like. Our team will factor in your budget and make sure the design is ready to move on to the production phase.

Before installing a sign, many cities require your business to submit a plan to make sure it meets local regulations that may include location, size, lighting, and more. We will complete the permitting process for you prior to beginning the sign's fabrication.